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Population: 1073 • Area: 208 km² Main villages: Jondal, Herand, Kysnes Main scenic attractions: Folgefonna, Hereiane and Tveddalsstølen.


The amazingly short distance from fjord to glacier is what makes the experience unique. You’ll start the day by the glacier and in the evening find yourself in a kayak or by a bonfire on the beach. Both Folgefonn Summer Ski Centre and Folgefonni Breførarlag offer a range of activities on as well as around the glacier.


The centre of Jondal has a distinct architecture with its Swiss-style buildings with stone roofing and well-kept orchards linked together by narrow gravel roads. Among the facilities available are grocery stores, accommodation, beautiful beaches, bicycle hire, GPS trails and boat hire. At Herand Landscape Park you’ll fi nd trails as well as a climbing wall, art gallery, petroglyphs, boat building museum, water-powered saw and pizza restaurant. Both villages offer friendly guest harbours where boating enthusiasts can tank up.


For more historical info and more about nature and landscape, please check: www.grind.no


Welcome to Jondal!


Usefull phone numbers

Medical emergency: 113
Police: 112
Fire: 110
Emergency Guard: 116117

Medical Office in Jondal: +47 53675380

Emergency Guard: +47 53648010

Dentist: +47 53668571

Jondal Tourist Information: +4795117792

Jondal Municipality (central office): +47 53669500

+47 91775872 / + 47 95332253

Spar Jondal (pharmacy and gasoline) +47 53668564
Coop Jondal +47 53668000
Herand Landhandleri +47 976 97 030

Blomakroken +47 53668501
Draumen hairdresser +47 48380936
Construction Goods:
Bygger'n Jondal +47 53668841
Auto Service:
Jondal Bil AS +47 53668611


ATM is located at Coop in middle of Jondal village