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Culture attractions:

Akjerhaugen - Jondal

The village green in the heart of Jondal, featuring stunning views, a mound of stones from the Bronze Age, and a memorial. E-mail:

Boat Building Museum - Herand

You’ll find the boat building museum in one of the old boat houses by the harbour in Herand. A traditional boat from Herand illustrates the handicraft and skills involved. In addition, you’ll find an extensive collection of old tools that were used for boat building, as well as an in-depth presentation of the tradition through a wide selection of pictures and text. Open by appointment only. Tel. 53 66 85 31

Boathouses at Svåsand - Jondal

A row of boathouses, one of which is made out of timber. Excellent samples of old coastal culture and boat-building traditions. Tel. 53 68 85 31


The village of Herand offers an extremely well-preserved cultural landscape, both in the centre of Herand and up in the mountains. You can experience anything from over 9000-year-old Stone Age findings to unique geological phenomena known as Trafoni. A number of trails are available, and you can explore the countyside on your own or with a local guide. Tel. 53668531/53669500

Jondal School Museum

Situated at Årsand, and dates back to 1903. Discover what a school was like in our great-grandfathers’ days! Please contact the Tourist Offi ce for guided tours. Tel. 53 66 85 31 Map: E7

Kjølhalingskjeret - Jondal

Dating back to around 1860, and situated in Jondal harbour. Used in careening of the Hardanger Sloops.

Petroglyphs - Herand

At Bakke in Herand, close by the main road to Utne (Route 550) you’ll fi nd approx. 150 rare petroglyphs illustrating unique human-like fi gures, sacrifi cial hollows and fertility symbols from the Bronze Age. Information board at site. Please refrain from stepping on, or damaging, the petroglyphs. Tel. 53 66 85 31

River Mill - Herand

The mill has been restored and is situated in its original environment. Used for grinding corn using water power. The mill can be operated on request. Tel. 97710810

The Swiss Houses - Jondal

Jondal has a unique collection of Swiss-style buildings from the 19th and 20th century. Take a walk along one of the many gravel roads and have a closer look at these buildings with their magnifi cent stone roofs, lattice period windows and the well kept orchards. Tel. 53 66 85 31

The "oppgangsag" (framesaw) in Herand - Herand

Special type of saw for vertical sawing. Boat building used to be an important industry in Herand and an added income for the farms. The timber was cut on a water-driven frame saw. The saw has several blades, and was used until the end of 1970. In 1992 the saw was restored. Please see page 11. Children: NOK 20 , Adults: NOK 40 . Tel. 97 71 08 10

Viketunet - Jondal

Beautiful farmstead dating back to the 17th/18th century, and only 2 min. walk from the ferry quay. Old Bailiff’s Farm comprising 7 buildings of which the oldest is from around 1611. The manor house interior leaves you with the impression that people are still living here. Open every Thursday and Sunday from 24 June to 15 August. Coffee/ tea and waffl es available. Guided tours for groups can be booked at the tourist office. Themed exhibition, please see local advertising. Open: 24. Jun-15. Aug Thu, Sun, at 11:00-17:00 Tel. 53 66 85 31