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In Jondal we have several unique and fantastic activities. You can experience different things. You can explore snow, ice, water and maintain. The short distance between glacier and fjord is special for Jondal. No other place in Norway is it possible to ski or climb in blue ice, and then 30 minutes later take a swim in the fjord. Jondal is the place for huge contrasts on short time.

What about go skiing for a few hours at Folgefonn Summer ski center and then fish your own dinner? Or take a kayaking morning trip on the Hardangerfjord, and then take the bicycle to Utne, and Utne Hotel? After a exclusive dinner at Utne Hotel can you bring the bicycle on the boat back to Herand. In Herand it's possible to end the day with a Italian meal! Or could it be interesting to explore a world of blue ice in summer time? Welcome to Jondal in Hardanger.

The different activities makes it possible to fill days full of different activities special adjusted for you. Jondal is the place if you want to experience something special, but also if you want to relax.

The tourist information can offer you organized and unorganized activities. Please contact the tourist information if you have questions about the activities, read more of different activities in the menus below.

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